Select Styles Restocked and a Launch Date for Patterns!

Hi folks! I hope this letter finds you safe and well. 2021 has been incredibly busy so far on my end. Behind the scenes I've been working on getting the website cleaned up and reformatting all our product listings, finalizing our first few patterns for release, and getting lots of inventory organized, counted, and ready to list for sale.

A selection of Seconds has been restocked on the site now, you can find all Seconds here.

A selecection of full price styles has been restocked on the site now. You can find those under "Shop All" in "Clothing & Accessories" or you can use the quick link to "Shop In Stock" at the top of the website if you just want to see items that are in stock. Remember, these are just a handful of items and not all sizes will be available.

I will be continuing to restock both Seconds and full price inventory in batches whenever I have time moving forward, so whenever you check the site there may be new items available. This method should alleviate some of the "rush" that occurs when I send big newsletter announcements about restocks (like this one, LOL) and hopefully will allow more folks to get lucky and snag something. The best way to stay up to date about specific products is to sign up for Restock Notifications right on the product page iteself. Just note, you will only receive a restock e-mail for the specific size you've selected!

My first sewing patterns will be released on March 15th! This has been a long time coming, with many unexpected delays and hiccups along the way, so I appreciate the excitement and patience. Fabric by the Yard will also be restocked along with the first patterns! My big focus for the next few weeks will be polishing all of the pattern files, making sure the digital product delivery system is all sorted out, and reorganizing our storage hallway of fabric so I can take a fresh inventory (insert scream emoji here-moving fabric rolls is...much more intense than it sounds).

There are still lots of little development projects in the works behind the scenes on the website, so keep an eye out for little improvements and updates over the course of this year. It's been a real treat to work through the site and update things with fresh eyes. I've been tweaking the shop functions to allow for different ways to filter products and find what you're looking for, and that's been fun to play with as well. More to come in due time!

Let's make getting dressed a little
more delightful.