Climate Beneficial™ Wool

100% Climate Beneficial™ Sheepswool

An immeasurably soft, heavyweight, plainweave wool that holds the shape of our garments with integrity. Gorgeous visible heathered texture—expect flecks of ivory and black throughout, these color blends give our custom-crafted shades their depth—and supple, rich handfeel. Not at all itchy, and super warm without excessive weight. Because of its moisture wicking properties, it’s sure to keep you comfortable on a brisk winter day, breathing as well as insulating.

Our wool is sourced entirely in the continental US, drastically reducing the carbon footprint of this material because it’s not being shipped across the globe. The material is Climate Beneficial™, meaning the ranchers providing our fiber utilize land stewardship practices that sequester more carbon than their operation emits. They are predominantly small, family owned ranches, and they all practice responsible land management, employ local workers, and uphold the Five Freedoms standard for animal welfare.

Read more about Climate Beneficial™ Wool and FiberShed's important work on this project here.

Our fiber is processed and dyed by a family owned dye house, spinning mill, and weaving mill, all in the Northeast. Supporting these often decades old businesses and continuing to invest in the US textile industry is a point of pride for this project. The weight, weave, and colors of our wool were all intentionally chosen and this material is exclusive to Elizabeth Suzann Studio, making each piece one to treasure.

In comparison to our previous Climate Beneficial™ Wool, this looks and feels almost identical to 2019’s “Heavyweight” weave, despite the elimination of the alpaca fiber. The Fawn color is darker and more variegated, but the Charcoal remains the same. The Olive colorway is new this year.

Hand wash with cold water and wool detergent. Lay flat to dry. For a crisper look, press on high heat with steam and a wool clapper.

*Due to wool's short staple fibers, some pilling is to be expected in areas of high friction. Use a wool brick or sweater shaver to remove pills. 

Shop all Climate Beneficial™ Wool.

Shop all Climate Beneficial™ Wool.

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