Meet Elizabeth Suzann Studio

Welcome, friends!

First things first, if you're here to shop, I restocked our Alabama Chanin x Elizabeth Suzann Collaboration and fabric "Remnants".

They are both limited in quantity, so you may want to head there now before reading. Don't worry, I'll wait. :)

I am so glad you're here for the launch of Elizabeth Suzann Studio. I won't take up too much of your time here, but I will touch on a few things, and then I encourage you to explore the rest of the site. You'll notice that many pages are coming soon, and several collections are empty. This is intentional; I wanted to let you in as I continue fleshing out this new home. Keep an eye on the site and mailing list as I work on adding content.

I'd like to introduce you to our mission. It is...

To create clothing that brings you comfort, that helps you feel whole, that makes getting dressed delightful.
To encourage you to indulge in the sensory magic of clothing: fabric that floats softly around you as you move, skims the curves and planes of your body with delicious kindness, colors that speak to your heart and calm the mind, fibers that connect you with nature.
To provide you the opportunity to engage with the art of how clothing is made. Whether it’s made responsibly here in Nashville or you make it yourself, I prioritize and celebrate the joy of building a garment from scratch.
When you feel at home in your body and in touch with what clothes it, you are free to focus your energy on what matters most.

To read more about my guiding principles and process, click through to the About page and explore.

I also updated some policies with the reopening (exciting news: I am now able to offer refunds on new orders, but this does *not* apply for previous purchases). See the new FAQs for current information on returns, shipping, and more!

On to some updates about what's on the horizon...

  • With today's reopening, I restocked our Alabama Chanin x Elizabeth Suzann Collaboration. I will likely restock this collection once more in 2021 (the next restock will be primarily Camel and Black, as we're almost out of our Citron fabric), and then I'll probably explore some new colors and styles with them.
  • I also stocked our "Remnants" section. “Remnants” are the small amounts of material left at the end of a bolt of fabric. Because I cut in bulk using carefully mapped out markers (or cutting templates), I can’t always efficiently use these small lengths of fabric. They are large enough to be used for a solid project, so I don’t feel comfortable chopping them up to use for scrap products, but too small to work well in the production flow—ergo the win-win solution of discounted, pre-cut “remnants” that you can purchase. I measure, pack, and list remnants when I have them, and this means they are limited in quantity and I cannot cut or split a remnant into smaller pieces. Buying remnants helps me get closer to the goal of becoming a Zero Waste studio. Remnants are *final sale*.
  • Clay Cotton Canvas (the old Cotton Canvas, not the new Upcycled Cotton Canvas) is in stock and available to purchase by the yard. When it's gone, it's gone! This is just the remaining Clay I have on hand and it won't be restocked.

  • Fabric by the Yard in other colors and fabrics will be returning for purchase in 2021. If you are interested in purchasing Fabric by the Yard, sign up for restock notifications for the fabrics / colors you're interested in; this will help me gauge demand and decide which fabrics to move forward with selling.
  • Fabric Swatch Kits are available for purchase so that you can see and feel the fabrics in person before ordering our garments or fabrics. Check out the details to see what fabrics are included.
  • Select styles and colors from the Signature and Warm Weather Collections will be restocked over the coming weeks and months. I am currently working through all of the existing cut garments I have on hand before cutting any new inventory. This means not every style / color / size will be available; I'll be limited by what garments are already cut. Once I have worked through this cut inventory, I'll begin cutting garments to restock and can focus on a wider variety of styles / colors / sizes. Our Cold Weather Collection will be returning in the fall of 2021.

  • In addition, I will be releasing our new Upcycled Cotton Canvas in 2021 as well. I have the production yardage in storage, and am still developing a plan for how I’m going to launch canvas styles. I may do a preorder or I may simply launch inventory. More to come when I have fleshed out a strategy!

  • Some styles will likely be retiring throughout 2021. As a much smaller business, it isn't feasible for me to continue stocking garments in such a wide range of styles, fabrics, and colors. I'll let you know when styles are retiring and won't be restocked--I don't have any decisions made yet, though!
  • "Seconds" will be restocked over the coming weeks and months as well. I have several racks of returns and slightly imperfect items that will be making it to the site as I get them inspected and packed.

  • Sewing patterns will be released soon! I know many of you have been waiting patiently for patterns, and I'm so glad you're excited about them. I'm working on them as we speak, and I have a few things to finish up before they can launch. The Clyde Work Pant and Georgia Series will be first to launch, and I'm hoping to get them up before the end of this year. The downloads will come with full fledged illustrated instructions, fabric layouts, sizing guidance, and more.

  • Pre-cut kits will be launching in 2021. These will include a pre-cut garment in your size that's ready to assemble, with all notions included (matching thread, tags, elastic if necessary). I love this option for those with limited cutting space at home, or folks who just prefer sewing!

  • Take-Back Program (which will allow you to send back used items for credit) will be launching in 2021. If anyone has experience with a Take-Back Program that they've enjoyed utilizing, please let me know. I'm outlining the structure for the program right now and would love to hear what's worked well for you before finalizing it.

Ok, I think that's all I've got for right now. I am so grateful that you're here, and am looking forward to this new journey. Sending you wishes for peace and comfort this week.


Let's make getting dressed a little
more delightful.